Sound set ups for weddings

1. Ceremony sound

If there's no mains power available - Portable System - lasts over 4 hours.
If mains power is available - Microphone System - can be used outdoors.

The bride's entrance - playing music 
A guest or our sound tech plays music from an iPad or phone.
Microphone options:
1. One cordless mic held by the celebrant, (left).
2One or two lapel mics for the celebrant and/or groom, (right).


Signing of the registry
- playing music
A sound tech or a guest can play music from a phone or iPad.
See an Outdoor Wedding using a Portable System battery powered.

2. Reception sound

Microphone System  for speeches and music.
DJs Sub System  for DJs and dancing.

Suggestions for Receptions 
 Load up your iPad or laptop with some playlists and let your friends run the sounds – great if you want to save on a band or a DJ. 
– A cordless mic is recommended for the speeches.
 Stage lighting creates atmosphere – for example, mirror balls, up lights, walls of fairy lights - we can supply ideas and equipment.
 A DVD about the bride and groom played during dinner is becoming more popular – some have quite high production levels.
– A floor show – we once saw an Elvis impersonator at a reception – the guests loved it! 

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Some weddings ceremony and reception mistakes to avoid –  just our opinion from having supplied hundreds of weddings .

1. Don't make the ceremony too short. Guests may have come long distances and dressed in their best, and elderly people put quite a bit of effort into getting ready – but after what seems like just a few minutes the ceremony is all over! So, make it longer, more romantic and more interesting with poems, songs, extended vows, have an MC to chat and welcome people, pass an object around for all to hold and bless - things like that.
A celebrant with some personality who can ad lib helps, although, over-confident professional MCs with corny jokes should be avoided.

2. Have a refreshing non-alcohol drink for guests as they arrive, served by waiters or friends. The guests can relax and mingle before the ceremony, and have some light music playing or an acoustic duo. Background music during the registry signing is also a good idea.

3. Don't have a reception in a space larger than the number of quests arriving. Big spaces like community halls and clubrooms that are only half full have no intimacy – curtain it off with a drapes line, or find a smaller space.

4. The bride and groom should not stay and help clean up after the reception, we see it happen too often - just waltz off like stars and get your adoring friends to do it.

5. Don't let the possibility of rain change your outdoor plans unless it's obviously a stormy day. In Auckland usually it only showers for a little while –  it's exciting, just go ahead saying 'we're not going to let a little shower ruin our day', because if you change all your plans the sun will definitely come out. Wind is a different matter, exposed places can get gusty - remember to use weights to hold gazebos and the table cloth on the signing table.

6. We think employing a professional wedding planner is worth it. There's plenty of them out there to Google. 

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 Hi Tony
The sound at the wedding was great. There was actually some roadworks going on through the ceremony but everyone was still able to be heard clearly. Same with the reception sound, no problems at all. Thanks to you and the guys you sent out, you guys did a great job and were hassle free. Regards, Matt
 Hi Tony
Melissa and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the amazing job you did in setting up your sound equipment,. It really made the day special that everyone could hear the ceremony with the celebrant on the lapel mic and those doing the readings on the wireless mics.
Many of our guests commented that they had been to many outdoor weddings and ours was one of the best in that they could hear every word clearly even with the bit of wind that we had.
We will definately be recommending you to our friends and family who will be having upcoming weddings in the next year.
Once again thank you very much. Best Wishes, Andy and Melissa