A friendly sound hire service with free delivery, setup and sound check within our 10km Auckland metro area for all package PA sound systems. Pick up also available for lower cost. We supply microphones, headsets, speakers, subs, lecterns, stages, projectors, LCD and LED screens.


Lectern System  6.1

Standard speakers and a gooseneck mic.
Corporate lecterns for formal public speaking.
$410  includes GST, delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.


Lectern System  6.2

Small speakers, round base stands and a gooseneck mic.
Corporate lectern for formal public speaking in a smaller space.
$390  includes GST, delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro

Lectern only 6.3

Standard corporate lectern, no mic or speakers required.
$150  includes GST, delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro..

Riser / mini stage 6.4

A small stage or platform one 20cm step high used with a lectern. 
$80  includes GST, delivery & collect with a Lectern System above.
1m x 1m x 0.2 metres. Includes black skirt to cover base structure.

Double microphones
adds $30
Our lectern systems have been used by Prime Ministers past and present, numerous MPs, Auckland Mayors and many celebrities. 

Lectern dimensions: The front panel can be used for signage and logos attached with velcro dots, the placement area is exactly 400mm x 995mm. 
The lectern is designed low to suit people of average height, it's 1120mm to the highest point.
Weight: 21kg or 24kg in padded PVC road bag.

Cabled mics, cordless mics

$40  vocal mic cabled, Shure SM58, stand, clip & cable
$70  cordless mic, Shure SM58 GLX-D (1 per event)
$90  cordless mic, Shure SM58  SLX or QLX-D

Clip-on mics, headset mics
$70    lapel mic: Shure MX150BO or WL183, Shure GLX-D pack & receiver
$70    headset mic; Shure SM31 mic, Shure GLX-D pack & receiver
           Due to frequency issues only one GLX mic can be used in one location.
$100  Micro headset mic; QueAudioShure QLX-D pack & receiver

"Thank you for your amazing service on Saturday (System 6.1), it definitely helps when someone knows their stuff and wants to help."  Desiree R, Westpac NZ

Add to this system with a data projector, LCD and LED screens, cordless mics, lapel mics, lighting and staging.

Lectern (low sheen black), Shure MX418 gooseneck or AudioTechnica U857QL gooseneck & base, Proel 400watts 12" or 200watt 8" speakers. 
*Free delivery within our 10km Auckland perimeter – see map