A friendly sound hire service with free delivery, setup and sound check within our 10km Auckland metro area for all package PA sound systems and lectern systems.

Lectern System  #6.1

Standard speakers and a gooseneck mic.
Corporate lecterns for formal public speaking.
$370  includes delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.


Lectern System #6.2

Small speakers and a gooseneck mic.
Corporate lectern for formal public speaking in a smaller space.
$350  includes delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro

Lectern only #6.3

No microphone or speakers required.
$150  includes gst, delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland*.

Riser / mini stage #6.4

A small stage or platform one 20cm step high used with a lectern. 
$80  includes gst. Free delivery & collect with a Lectern System above.
1m x 1m x 0.2 metres. Includes black skirt to cover base structure.

Double microphones
adds $30
Our lectern systems have been used by Prime Ministers past and present, numerous MPs, Auckland Mayors and many celebrities. 

Lectern dimensions: The front panel can be used for signage and logos attached with velcro dots, the placement area is exactly 400mm x 995mm. 
The lectern is designed low to suit people of average height, it's 1120mm to the highest point.
Weight: 21kg or 24kg in padded PVC road bag. More about Lecterns here.

Cabled mics, cordless mics

$30  vocal mic, Shure SM58 cable & clip, $20 stand.
$90  cordless mic, Shure SM58 & Shure GLX-D or SLX

Clip-on mics, headset mics
$90    lapel mic: Shure WL183 clip-mic, Shure GLX-D pack & receiver
$90    headset mic; Shure SM31 mic, ShureSLX pack & receiver
$100  pro headset mic; QueAudio micShureSLX pack & receiver

"Thank you for your amazing service on Saturday (System 7.1), it definitely helps when someone knows their stuff and wants to help."  
Desiree R, Westpac NZ
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Options: Add to this system with a data projector, LCD screens, cordless mics, lapel mics, lighting and staging.
Equipment: Lectern (low sheen black), Shure MX418 gooseneck or AudioTechnica U857QL gooseneck & base, Proel 400watts 12" or 200watt 8" speakers. 
More info on the Lecterns Page about hiring options.  
*Free delivery within our 10km Auckland perimeter – see map