A friendly sound hire service with delivery and setup within our 10km Auckland metro area for all the package PA sound systems shown here, or for a lower cost you can pick up and do-it-yourself. 



Regular vocal mic $35
Shure SM58
or Sennheiser e835
includes clip & cable.

Interview mic $35
Shure SM63
includes clip & cable

Cordless mic

Shure GLX-D SM58  $70
Only one GLX_D mic per location

Shure SLX SM58      $90
Shure QLX-_D SM58 $100

4 unit rack QLX-D
with distro and antenna $400


Clip-on mic $90
(lavalier lapel mic) 
Shure WL183
includes a Shure GLX-D, SLX or QLX-D ($100) body pack & receiver unit.

Headset mic 1.  $100
Que Audio, single ear, high quality micro technology. 
– includes a Shure GLX-D, SLX or QLX-D body pack & receiver unit.
For corporate events, tv presenters, and school productions.

Headset mic 2.  $90
Shure WH20 or SM31
– includes a Shure GLX-D or SLX body pack & receiver unit.
For chefs, school plays and sports instructors.


Elvis style  $40 
for MCs & music vids,
includes cable & stand.
Shure 55SH replica 
A fully working dynamic mic.


Gooseneck mic $40
for Lecterns
Shure MX412
or Audio Technica U857QL
and base


Antenna $75
twin long range UHF flags
with BNC connectors on stands. Audio Technica.

Free delivery applies to sound systems - not individual items.

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