Generator - Portable Power

If you need more power for an outdoor event our new Honda 3 kva Generator is ideal.
For example, it can run a full DJ System (2x subs, 2x tops) or a big athletics day event with multiple speakers and mics.
Clients prefer the Honda's because they're really quiet, and economical; a full tank costs $20 and lasts 8 hours.
$280 one day hire, includes delivery, collect and fuel.
*Free delivery within our 10km Auckland zone, see mapGoogle+ Maps

POWER: Maximum 3000W (230V), Continuous 2600W (230V)
SOCKETS: 2 x 230V AC, 1 x 12V (8.3A) DC
WEIGHT: 35kg
STARTING SYSTEM: Recoil/Pull Start (very easy to start)
NOISE: Whisper quiet operation @ 57-65 dB(A)
RUNTIME: Up to 7.7 hrs on a full fuel tank @ 1/4 load
FUEL TANK: 5.9L, 91 Unleaded