Portable System  3.1

For outdoor ceremonies when there's no mains power handy.
Lasts 10 hours with speech only, or 4 hours continuous music.
Two cordless mics or two lapel mics, or one of each.

Double speakers give better surround-sound in outdoor settings.
See our wedding ceremony set up guide here.
$380 includes GST, delivery, set-up, sound check & collect in Auckland metro.
$230  You pick up and return to our Ellerslie depot for weekend hire. All GST inclusive.

". . the sound system was awesome! . . if you have a Facebook page we will tag you in it 😊 Thanks so much!"   Victoria, Junior Club Rugby
". . a quick note to thank you for the audio gear for our wedding . . was incredible and everyone could hear on the beach." Jamie W.

Just our suggestion . . 
At an outdoor wedding ceremony everyone wants to hear the celebrant and the nuptials between the bride & groom. It's probably the most important part of a wedding ceremony: words are carefully chosen and very personal, and they are only spoken once. That's why microphone levels and sound checks are really important.

We would prefer to set up and sound check these systems ourselves but this is not always possible. For weddings outside Auckland we will give you a live, outdoor run-through at our depot before you take it away. You can pick up on the Friday for a Saturday or Sunday wedding at no extra charge. 

We recommend the speakers are placed on the ground to be less intrusive in wedding photos and set about 15 metres apart on either side of the guests.

Having supplied weddings for over 20 years we can offer a few tips about sound set-ups

For WAIHEKE ISLAND weddings and corporate events – contact our local people based on the island.

System 3.1 
Chiayo Challenger 1000 battery powered amp, 130 watts, 10" speaker unit with a 10" extension speaker, runs 4 hours music, 10 hours just speech.
*Free delivery within our 10km Auckland zone, see map, Google+ Maps

Portable Power  3.2

If you need more power for an outdoor event our new Honda 3 kva Generator is ideal.
For example, it can run a full DJ System (2x subs, 2x tops) or a big Athletics Day event with multiple speakers and mics.
Clients prefer the Honda's because they're really quiet, and economical; a full tank costs $20 and lasts 8 hours.
$280 one day hire, includes delivery, collect and fuel.
*Free delivery within our 10km Auckland zone, see map, Google+ Maps

POWER: Maximum 3000W (230V), Continuous 2600W (230V)
SOCKETS: 2 x 230V AC, 1 x 12V (8.3A) DC
WEIGHT: 35kg
STARTING SYSTEM: Recoil/Pull Start (very easy to start)
NOISE: Whisper quiet operation @ 57-65 dB(A)
RUNTIME: Up to 7.7 hrs on a full fuel tank @ 1/4 load
FUEL TANK: 5.9L, 91 Unleaded