A friendly sound hire service with delivery and setup within our 10km Auckland metro area for all the package PA sound systems shown here, or for a lower cost you can pick up and do-it-yourself. 


Portable System  3.1

For outdoor ceremonies when there's no mains power handy.
Lasts over 6 hours. 2 handheld cordless mics or 2 clip-on mics.
Double speakers give better surround-sound in outdoor settings.
See our wedding ceremony set up guide here.
$360 includes GST, delivery, set-up, sound check & collect in Auckland metro.
$210  You pick up and return to our Ellerslie depot - weekend hire. Includes GST.

". . the sound system was awesome! Actually think our club needs to invest in one - it’s so handy!! I haven’t got around to do thank you posts on our club Facebook page yet but if you have a Facebook page we will tag you in it 😊 Thanks so much!"   Victoria, Junior Club Rugby

"Just a quick note to thank you for the audio gear for our wedding . . was incredible and everyone could hear on the beach." Jamie W.

Portable System  3.2

For smaller outdoor ceremonies when there's no mains power, less volume.
Lasts 6 hours, fine for exchanging vows and walk-up music.
$100   Includes GST. You pick up and return to our Ellerslie depot - weekend hire.
Includes a cabled mic (not cordless), and 2 speakers for wide coverage.
Two inputs, one for music and one for the microphone. 

Includes a cabled mic – a white omni-directional Shure SM63. 


Our Suggestion 
At an outdoor wedding ceremony everyone wants to hear the celebrant and the vows. Other sound companies might be cheaper and say do-it-youself but we prefer to set up and sound check these systems ourselves. For events outside Auckland we'll give you a hands-on demo at our depot before you take it away. 

We recommend the speakers are placed on the ground to be less intrusive in wedding photos and set about 15 metres apart on either side of the guests.

For WAIHEKE ISLAND weddings and corporate events – contact our local people based on the island.

System 3.1 
Chiayo Challenger 1000 battery powered amp and 10" speaker unit with a Proel 10" extension speaker, runs 6 hours music, 10 hours speech.
System 3.2  Jansen Entertainer 30 runs 4 hours music, 6 hours speech, holds a full charge for 2 days. Separate volumes for music and microphone inputs.
*Free delivery within our 10km Auckland zone, see map, Google+ Maps