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A friendly sound hire service with Free Delivery set up and sound check within our 10km Auckland metro area for our package PA sound systems and lectern systems.
Microphone System $290
DJs Sub System $340
Portable Outdoor System $230
Single Speaker System $220

Double Speaker System

Lectern System $370
Festival System $550
Screens & Projectors $225

DJs Sub System #2.1
DJs often book this system for wedding receptions. 1,000watts.
Inclues a mixer and cables laptops & phones.
$340  includes delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.

See this gear at a recent event: Summer Wedding Reception

DJs Sub System #2.2
Twice the power of #2.1 – an extra sub & 2 extra speakers. 2,000watts.
$440  includes delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.

See this gear at a recent event: Film Fest After Party

DJs Sub System #2.3
JBL MRX 500 and QSC GX7 System.
3,000 watts for dance parties, bands and outdoor events. See more. 

$550  includes delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro

Cabled mics, cordless mics

$30  vocal mic, Shure SM58 cable & clip, $20 stand.
$90  cordless mic, Shure SM58 & Shure GLX-D or SLX

Clip-on mics, headset mics
$90    lapel mic: Shure WL183 clip-mic, Shure GLX-D pack & receiver
$90    headset mic; Shure SM31 mic, ShureSLX pack & receiver
$110  pro headset mic; QueAudio micShureSLX pack & receiver

Get a quote: info@soundworks.co.nz

$40    4 ch mixer - Yamaha MG10XU (4 mic, 2 line) 
$50    6 ch mixer - Yamaha MG124cx (6 mic, 6 line) 
  DJ mixers - Pioneer & Numark available 
    16 ch mixer - Mackie 1604 16 channel (16 mic, 4 bus)
$40    DJ table - 2 metres x 400mm

Equipment: JBL MRX 500, Bose 802 Series II speakers on stands, Bose 502 subs, QSC GX5 1000watt amp at 8 ohms, Yamaha MR102C or Numark 1190 DJ mixer. For the JBL System, see link here.
Extras: We can add to this system with cordless mics, clip-on mics, a data projector, lighting and staging.

(*Free delivery within our 10km Auckland perimeter – see map)

Call or text 021 681 691  •  Depot based at Kiwi Self Storage, 40 Cawley St, Ellerslie. There's NO STAFF ON SITE so please text,
email or call to arrange a viewing time. We supply the Auckland metro area.
We supply speakers, cordless microphones, clip-on lapel and headset mics. PA hire for parties, AV for corporate events, formal speeches, cultural festivals, weddings, bands and DJs, lecterns and lecturn systems for public speaking with data projectors, screens, lighting, stages, generators and installations for schools. 
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