A friendly sound hire service with free delivery, setup and sound check within our 10km Auckland metro area for all package PA sound systems. Pick up also available for lower cost. We supply microphones, headsets, speakers, subs, lecterns, stages, projectors, LCD and LED screens.


DJs Sub System 2.1

George FM DJs often book this system for wedding reception gigs.
Includes a small mixer and cables for laptops & phones, 1,000 watts.
$370  includes GST, delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.

See this system at a summer wedding reception.


DJs Sub System 2.2

Twice the power of #2.1, an extra sub & 2 extra mid/tops. 2,000watts.
The best way to get a club sound for a party playing from your laptop.

$470  includes GST, delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.

See this system used recently by Che Fu.

DJs Sub System 2.3

Two JBL 18" subs & two 600watt dBTech 12" speakers, 2,700 watts
Louder and more directional for an outdoor party in a big marquee.
$550  includes GST, delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.

DJs Sub System 2.4

JBL MRX 500 and QSC GX7 System.
Two 18" subs and two 15" mids and horn tops, 3,000 watts
for small festivals, cultural groups and outdoor events. See more. 

$550  includes GST, delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro

Cabled mics, cordless mics

$40  vocal mic cabled, Shure SM58, stand, clip & cable
$70  cordless mic, Shure SM58 GLX-D
$90  cordless mic, Shure SM58  SLX or QLX-D

Clip-on mics, headset mics
$70    lapel mic: Shure MX150BO or WL183, Shure GLX-D pack & receiver
$70    headset mic; Shure SM31 mic, Shure GLX pack & receiver
$100  Micro headset mic; QueAudioShure QLX-D pack & receiver

Get a quote:

$30   1 mic input Soundcraft N5 
    4 mic inputs Yamaha MG10XU 
$80    6 mic inputs Yamaha MG12XU
$80    6 mic inputs Soundcraft Signature10  
$90   10 mic inputs Yamaha MG166cx 
    16 mic inputs Mackie 1604
$120  16 mic inputs Presonus StudioLive 16-4-2

We can add to this system with cordless mics, clip-on mics, a data projector, lighting and staging.

(*Free delivery within our 10km Auckland perimeter – see map)