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DJs Sub System #2.1

George FM DJs often book this system for wedding receptions. 1,000watts.
Includes a small mixer and cables for laptops & phones.
$340  includes delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.

See this gear at a recent event: Summer Wedding Reception

DJs Sub System #2.2

Twice the power of #2.1 – an extra sub & 2 extra top speakers. 2,000watts.
$440  includes delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.

DJs Sub System #2.3

Two JBL 18" subs and two 600watt dBTech Opera active speakers.
$460  includes delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro.

DJs Sub System #2.4

JBL MRX 500 and QSC GX7 System.
Two 18" subs and two 15" mids and horn tops, 3,000 watts
for dance parties, bands and outdoor events. See more. 

$550  includes delivery, set-up & collect in Auckland metro

Cabled mics, cordless mics

$30  vocal mic, Shure SM58 cable & clip, $20 stand.
$90  cordless mic, Shure SM58 & Shure GLX-D or SLX

Clip-on mics, headset mics
$90    lapel mic: Shure WL183 clip-mic, Shure GLX-D pack & receiver
$90    headset mic; Shure SM31 mic, ShureSLX pack & receiver
$110  pro headset mic; QueAudio micShureSLX pack & receiver

Get a quote:

$40    4 ch mixer - Yamaha MG10XU (4 mic, 2 line) 
$50    6 ch mixer - Yamaha MG124cx (6 mic, 6 line) 
  DJ mixers - Pioneer & Numark available 
    16 ch mixer - Mackie 1604 16 channel (16 mic, 4 bus)
$40    DJ table - 2 metres x 400mm

Equipment: JBL MRX 500, Bose 802 Series II speakers on stands, Bose 502 subs, QSC GX5 1000watt amp at 8 ohms, Yamaha MR102C or Numark 1190 DJ mixer. For the JBL System, see link here.
Extras: We can add to this system with cordless mics, clip-on mics, a data projector, lighting and staging.

(*Free delivery within our 10km Auckland perimeter – see map)