Mercer, South of Auckland - wedding ceremony and reception

A beautiful private garden wedding on a perfect day with live musicians and 150 guests.

Testimonial #1 - January 2012
Tony at Soundworks was nothing short of brilliant setting up the sound for our outdoor wedding and reception. 
He drove out to our wedding venue and took care of everything.  I handed him my iPod and had to put my complete faith in him to look after all the sounds which included setting up the equipment for the ceremony, including two microphones (one for the ceremony itself and one for performers during the ceremony), running the iPod with pre-ceremony music, the walk down & walk out tracks and post-ceremony music, before setting up the equipment for the reception afterwards – all this on very limited instructions from me!
The sound was perfect for both the speaking and performances and for the reception and it all went smoothly. If he hadn’t of been there it could have been a complete disaster and distracted everyone from what was a wonderful ceremony.  It was comforting knowing that we had someone there that had the experience and knowledge.  He was also very discreet, we didn’t even notice he was there doing everything in the background.
I would definitely recommend Tony to anyone who is needing sound equipment for their wedding or any event for that matter!
Thanks again Tony, you were a lifesaver and you did a fantastic job.
Gareth and Jennie Holdsworth


System 1 - Microphone System with an additional cordless microphone. The guests operated the music themselves from an iPod and laptop and a pianist plugged into our System 6 in the Yacht Club.