The Formica Formations Design Competition
– Laminex, Penrose.

The Formica Formations Design Competition is about designing a piece of furniture out of Formica materials. The winner (shown here) had his work fabricated by The Laminex Group for display as part of the international design collection. Contestants work was judged by industry professionals including the furniture and lighting designer David Trubridge.

Another event for Laminex also shown here, the farewell of a senior manager with entertainer and MC Jackie Clake performimg with guitarist Chet O'Connell.

System 7 - Lectern System with additional speakers – for the Awards we also supplied staging and lighting, and for the farewell event we supplied equipment for a live duo. Equipment for both included QSC GX7 amps, SM58s and a Yamaha MG124cx mixer, and a 2.4m x 2.4m x 0.3m stage.