French Bastille Day Celebration – Freeman's Bay

Every year this event gets bigger and better! Organised by Alliance Française d’Auckland and Frogs In NZ. A Bout de Bretelles played traditional French songs, La Bourree performed folk dancing, Pineapple Productions performed a variety of retro-style dance routines including the Can-can. Delicous food was supplied by Guy Brossier La crepe, Le Garde-Manger, Tomette et Auckland Accueil. The party continued with a French DJ who filled the floor – and this is a party where everyone dances! 
Images below by Pascal Languillon Photography.

System 8 - Festival System with JBL MRX500 speakers, QSC GX7 amps, Shure SM58 mics, a Yamaha mixer and Proel monitors. We also supplied a 10x8 screen and 3.5k lumen projector, and lighting for stage, hall, entrance and the DJ set.