A complete sound hire service in Auckland with FREE delivery, set-up, sound check and collect*. We offer speaker systems, microphone hire, cordless mics, lapel mics and headsets, PA hire for private parties, sound systems for DJs, lecterns for public speaking, and installations for schools.
Standard System $280
Private Function System $340
Go Anywhere System $170
Single Speaker System $170

Double Speaker System

iPod & Laptop System $270
Lectern Systems $340
Event Systems $750

Advice for Weddings - Indoor and Outdoor

There are three parts of the Ceremony where SoundWorks would be involved;

1. The Bride's Entrance - playing music 
A wedding guest or a SoundWorks operator can play music from an iPod or Discman.

2. Exchanging of the Vows - microphone options

Option 1. A single mic on a stand or held by celebrant, $30,  (left, Shure SM63 for wide pick-up).
Option 2. A cordless mic held by the celebrant $90, (middle image, Shure SM58 UHF).
Option 3Clip-on lapel mics, $90, for the celebrant and the groom (right - Shure WL183 UHF). 

3. The Signing of the Registry - playing music
A wedding guest or a SoundWorks operator can play music from an iPod or Discman.

Sound System Options  
1. If regular power supply is available within 50 metres; Systems 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be used for ceremonies.
2. If no power available, use System 2 - the Go Anywhere System will run for over 4 hours at full volume and sounds very good in outdoor settings.

See an example of an Outdoor Wedding at Milford Reserve using a self powered unit.

System 2 - the Private Function System or System 6 - the IPod and Laptop System.

Three Weddings Mistakes To Avoid 

Just our opinion - hope these observations are helpful.
1. Don't make your ceremony too short. Guests may have come long distances and dressed in their best, and elderly people put a lot of effort into getting ready - but after what seems like just a few minutes, the ceremony is all over! So, make them longer, more romantic and more interesting.
2. Don't have a reception in a space larger than the number of quests arriving. Big spaces have no intimacy. We can send you a list of our favourite venues and parks.
3. The bride and groom should not help clean up after the reception, we see it happen too often - just waltz off like stars and get your adoring friends to do it.

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